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Attorneys who practice in this area

Medical and Dental Malpractice Defense

Attorneys who practice in this area

An allegation of medical negligence creates a potential for serious impact on the health care provider’s reputation and career.

Elmer Noah handles malpractice defense litigation for the firm.  In addition to his 30 years of insurance defense experience, Mr. Noah has over 25 years of experience dealing specifically with complicated issues of medical negligence defense. His experience includes many subspecialties within the practice, including the defense of physicians of various specialties and their practice group. In handling medical malpractice defense, an attorney must stay abreast of the latest and constantly changing trends in the malpractice arena and work closely with clients to determine the most appropriate tactics given the situation and exposure to liability. Although we work to avoid litigation whenever possible, we have highly skilled and aggressive litigators who are well recognized in the legal community.