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Employment Law

Our firm provides services for both public and private entities. The services include assistance and review of employee handbooks and policies, employment agreements, public and private employment litigation, training and education, wage and hour claims, representation before administrative agencies – DOL, EEOC, and Labor Relations.

Both offices represent and counsel employers with respect to employment law issues, including discrimination claims. Workers today are often aware quite sensitive to their rights concerning issues such as employment contracts, benefits, hiring and promotion practices, discrimination, and work place environment.

Our attorneys work with and provide training and assistance involving applicable discrimination laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Americans With Disabilities Act. We provide counsel and defend sexual harassment claims, gender discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination claims. Our attorneys and staff also conduct nvestigations for employers, both public and private, when allegations of harassment, discrimination, or other workplace issues surface.

Our employment litigators regularly appear before federal, state and local courts and administrative agencies. We have successfully defended clients in class-action and other multi-plaintiff lawsuits involving discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, and employee benefits litigation under ERISA.