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Appellate Advocacy

Attorneys who practice in this area

Once a trial has been completed, a case is not necessarily over. The same is true of an adjudication on a particular issue which is relevant to a case, as in summary judgment and declaratory judgments.  Our firm handles the legal research and brief writing for the appeal and writ process for all of the types of cases we handle: Construction Law, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Collections Law, Business Law, Ethics Law, Employment Law, and Insurance Defense, just to name a few .  While we do this for all of our clients if they are unsatisfied with a decision from a lower court, we also do this for non-clients (individuals we did not represent at the trial court level).  

We write Amicus Curiae briefs for persons and entities which are not actual parties to a case, but who would be directly affected by the outcome of a case.  We also write briefs for those attorneys who either do not have time to prepare their own appellate brief or writ application, or who would like to have a third party review the case and determine the best arguments to advance on appeal .  We also make the oral argument on any client's appeal in any Louisiana Appellate Court, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and all Federal Courts, including the United States Supreme Court.